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Schleiter & Jauernig

Modern designs, ergonomic fit and quality workmanship

Our range offers a wide variety of different 3D - gaming and sunglasses models for men, women and children as well as special glasses and essays for eyeglass wearers. Our glasses are high quality and available in different sizes for adults and children. The glasses are made of different materials, partly high gloss finish, matte or simply & refined with transparent colors. The ergonomic adjustment of spectacle frames and glasses to the head shape, the glasses are comfortable to wear and protect additionally against unwanted light and reflections from. The result of our high standards of quality and function are premium eyewear: Pilot goggles with two-way hinges, glasses clip essays stall goggles for spectacle wearers, colorful children's glasses, sports, cool or elegant models, as well as unique glasses made of real wood.

Customers and users from home and abroad for the past six years, appreciate the quality of our products and professionalism of our service, which our passion for product design and the continuous development of our offer is based. Some reviews you seen those shown in the online shop Amazon reviews.

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