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Attachment for spectacle wearers

This 3D clip is designed for certain passive 3D monitors. Using conventional, passive 3D glasses there are often a Purple Stitch with these 3D monitors. This clip eliminates this purple-stitch by a different orientation of the polarization filter. The other way around these 3D clip is not be compatible with conventional, passive 3D TVs and movie theaters but, as it would in turn generate a color change here. Also, there are 3D monitors have yet another Polfilterausrichtung and hereby is not the desired result is achieved. This paper 3D glasses can be attached to most conventional glasses and is perfect for wearers who wish to wear two pairs of glasses simultaneously. It is well made, very lightweight and thus comfortable to wear. In addition, the glasses can be easily folded up. Setting: metal & Kuststoff Glasses: plastic, foldable

Suitable for: Monitors (not for TV)
: About 0.7 mm, plastic
3D technologyPassive / Circular polarization


1x 3D glasses clip
1x glasses bag
1x lens cleaning cloth

Delivery time: 1-3 days



blank3D by circular polarization

3D by circular polarization works passively - that is, without batteries in eyeglasses and with specially coated plastic lenses. The image source transmits two image streams - one for each eye - in parallel in different rotations: clockwise and against him. The plastic glasses can each by only one image stream. So only get to see the intended image each eye. In the circular polarization, it is important that image source and glasses are matched, so the right eye sees the right image and not the left. If it should happen, and the eyes see each other's image, the 3D effect is wrong and this can quickly lead to headaches. Glasses and image source must therefore be compatible with each other. Fortunately, a variant prevails and will be used for the most part both in the cinema and on monitors and televisions. Therefore, the glasses are compatible with these systems. These glasses belong to this more commonly used variant, and can be used with many systems therefore. Please look up on our compatibility list to find out if these glasses are right for you.

blankthicker glasses

3D filter glasses of any kind have almost always plastic glasses. These are available but in different thicknesses. Thinner plastic lenses as they are almost always distributed in the cinema, rather have the character of a film - the thicker a right spectacle lens. The disadvantage of thin, foil-like glasses when they completely surrounded versions is that they may have slight bulges faster. This can lead to unwanted reflections. In addition, the thinner glasses are often much more vulnerable to scratches. Thick plastic glasses are so stable and mostly scratch less sensitive. The clip in this offer has not only thicker glasses, but flexible at that. This makes them particularly robust.

blankShipping faster

We want the glasses quickly reaches you. We ship with DHL and Deutsche Post. From experience we can say that the orders often arrive by the German Post and DHL within Germany the very next day. So you can quickly enjoy your product. For questions about the delivery we are on weekdays at the email address available.

blankThe microfiber combination

We send these glasses with a microfibre pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth with the dimensions 18cm x 9cm. With the bag, you can protect your glasses from dirt and dust and, if they do need to liberate the cloth of dirt, dust and fingerprints. The ideal set for spectacles up.

Compatible Computer Monitors

  • LG TM2792S
  • LG DM2352D
  • LG DM2752D
  • LG D2342P
  • LG DM2350D
  • LG DM2780D
  • LG D2542P
  • LG D2343P
  • AOC d2757Ph

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